Virtual Event

Welcome to our first episode in a series in partnership with The Cricket Society and Sounds Like a Plan Events. During this series we will be talking to world famous cricketer Mike Procter, our founder, about his life and career in the sport.  Mike was the Ben Stokes of his day, a swashbuckling all rounder who would turn matches by his sheer will to win as much as by his considerable technical abilities with both bat and ball.  Mike will also be joined by various guests who were part of his cricket journey.

In this first episode, Mike was joined by fellow South African Barry Richards, in his day a master opening batsman and destroyer of bowling attacks who once scored 300 runs in a day. Together, they talked through their early history in cricket, and some of their achievements and pivotal moments during the early stages of their respective careers, as well as some of the scrapes they got themselves into as young cricketers. Listeners to the show joined in towards the end and asked these two sporting legends some questions about their playing days and reminisced about some of their favourite matches one or both had played in. Questions were also asked about some of the great players they had played with and against and what their favourite grounds were. We are very excited about the next episode, which is planned for Wednesday 28 April 2021.

Watch it now: