What We Do

Mike Procter Foundation operates in the UK and South Africa, using sports to provide inspiration to young children.

where we work

Our work in Ottawa has had some great results so far. The video (on the right) introduces two assistant coaches Sakhile and Thonelani. Both of them were students at the Ottawa school a few years ago. Now they have paid jobs and responsibility. This is a great story of social mobility brought about largely by the Foundation but also as a result of the guys’ attitude and drive.

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The Mike Procter Foundation works in disadvantaged communities where opportunities for children to excel are scarce.

 In Ottawa school, Durban 90% of the pupils come from families affected by HIV/Aids. Often the school had no money to provide school meals, the only food the children can reliably expect…

At Ottawa, the 10 am meal is the only food many children eat. When the local authority ran out of funding for the meals, The Mike Procter Foundation stepped in, feeding the children for several weeks.

Mike has had to reduce sessions to “two bats, and two bowls” per child to keep them all involved has so many of the children now want to play cricket.

Mike and Children in Ottawa

Mike with some of the school kids in Ottawa

How you can help

The Foundations ultimate aim is to build a cricket club in Ottawa, run by the parents, so the children can continue to be involved in the sport when they leave school. “We want to increase levels of positive attitude towards physical activity,”
“Sport is fun and fulfilment. We want to inculcate it in such a way they do sport rather than run around doing drugs. It brings self-respect too.”
But funding is needed. The children need bats, balls, helmets. Donate today to help a child be a child and escape a world of violence and abuse, even if just for a few hours.

Can you help?

If 200 people donate £5-00 a month each, the salaries of 3 local community coaches will be covered – two are former pupils of Ottawa School themselves
Cricket clubs in the UK are collecting kit for Mike. Can you sponsor freight costs?
The projected multi-sports community facility for Ottawa will cost approx. £150,000 and provide much local employment. Can you help bring this amazing venture to life?

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how you can help

We aim to transform the lives of these kids through the power of sports.

“Sport has the power to change the world” – Nelson Mandela


Mike Procter and Ottawa School Principal – Ms Msane